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When it comes to installing your Easy Breeze sunroom windows, considering whether or not you should “do it yourself” can be intimidating. Never fear! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it actually is to install Easy Breeze windows. Here are three reasons to prove that choosing to DIY is a great option!

1. DIY installation is simple
Have you ever purchased a bookshelf, desk or some other product that needed assembly? You probably had to spend hours at the mercy of a confusing set of instructions. With Easy Breeze, your window panels come pre-assembled in their individual frames. We make sure that each window frame is customized to fit your porch or patio dimensions. This allows you to simply place each frame into their individual positions and screw in the frames to your current posts Our company has worked to streamline our product installation instructions as much as possible and provide online demonstration videos to give you a clear understanding of how to install windows efficiently.

2. DIY installation is quick
You don’t need to take multiple days out of your week to install your new Easy Breeze windows. Installation is a quick and easy project. Just see what some our customers had to say about their DIY experience.
“Installed in a day!” – F. Brechisci – Chicago, IL
“It took less than 5 hours to complete the whole thing.” – Deb T. – Philadelphia, PA
“Installed the whole room in about 4 hours.”  – Jimmy L. – Crowley, LA

3. DIY installation is the cheaper option
You are already making a money-conscious decision by purchasing Easy Breeze vinyl windows, which are cheaper than glass windows. However, you’ll end up saving even more money when you install the window systems yourself because you don’t have to pay an extra expense for a contractor. With DIY installation, you can enjoy your new sunroom with a little more change in your pocket!

Regardless of if you choose to install your Easy Breeze windows on your own or hire a contractor, we’ll help you every step of the way! Simply give us a call at 855-888-6822. The DIY Easy Breeze Team will answer any questions you may have and will walk your through the entire process!