Don’t Screen Your Porch, Easy Breeze It!

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Considering adding screens to your open air porch?  Screens will keep out the bugs, but let in the dust, dirt, pollen and rain.

Easy Breeze windows protect you from the elements!

Simple to install, and 1/3 the cost of glass, Easy Breeze windows include screens for when the weather is nice and you want to let the breeze in.  But these windows also allow you to keep out the bad weather with 4 vinyl vents that slide up and down each window on their own individual tracks.

Extend the life of your porch!


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3 Season Vinyl Windows In Wisconsin

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Easy Breeze windows are a great way to keep the snow, rain and wind off of your Wisconsin porch.  The polyvinyl material is an easy and affordable way to keep Mother Nature from limiting your use of your porch.

Winters in Wisconsin can be rough, but with Easy Breeze windows, you can enjoy your porch more than ever before!

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How to Build an Easy Breeze Room

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One of our customers was kind enough to send us in pictures of his entire project. This is a great example of the steps involved in converting an open air porch to a beautiful Easy Breeze 3 season room.


Here is the porch before any work was done.


Next comes the framing

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Once the framing is complete you can measure your rough openings and submit those to DIYEasyBreeze. We will then provide you with a quote and get your Easy Breeze Windows ordered. They will be delivered right to your door and then you are ready for installation. This customer opted for horizontal sliders since he had wider openings. For narrower openings we recommend vertical four track windows. Here is the room now that it is complete. What a difference!!!

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Here is what the homeowner had to say about the Easy Breeze System:

Your windows are SUPER!! The project came out beautiful, the windows will extend my porch use dramatically,especially with the Western New York weather. For anyone planning a porch enclosure,,,, you will NOT be disappointed with these windows. not only are they a breeze to install, they operate beautiful also, a real quality window.

-George T, New York

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Easy Breeze Featured in Parade of Homes

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The Easy Breeze window system made an appearance during a Parade of Homes tour earlier this year in May. The parade was hosted by the Winnebago Home Builders Association in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The beautiful house designed by Classic Home by Kuba featured not just one but two Easy Breeze 4-Track enclosures.

Classic Homes by Kuba

This home showcases the versatility of Easy Breeze, which are customized to fit any porch or patio’s unique dimensions. Check out the final “after” photos of this spotlight home.



Budgeting For Sunroom Windows: What Does Easy Breeze Cost?

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For the majority of homeowners, cost is a considerable factor in deciding whether or not to remodel their porch. Whether your sunroom will be built from scratch or you are converting an existing screen porch, creating a realistic budget is vital. Many people don’t know where to start when researching the cost of different window options. Below is a breakdown of the cost of Easy Breeze window systems to make your planning process easier!

Eze Breeze Cost

How to save money with Easy Breeze Windows

Purchase vinyl over glass
Easy Breeze windows are a 3-season room product made from 10-mil vinyl. You will have the look and functionality of glass at about a third of the cost.

Don’t pay extra for color
It does not cost extra to have a different color frame or have a tint added to the vinyl. Standard screens are also included free of charge.

The size of your cabana door
Factor into the Easy Breeze price whether or not you need an Easy Breeze Cabana Door to go along with your windows. Our cabana doors do have stock sizes options: 36″ x 80″ or 32″ x 80.” Staying within the standard sizes will definitely help reduce your cost. Custom sized doors can be very expensive. Keep in mind that we can add in fixed transoms to fill the space above your door.

Because Easy Breeze Windows are so easy to install, you can save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself and not paying for a contractor. Even though it may seem intimidating to some homeowners, we are here to help you in any way we can with the process. See for yourself how easy the window systems are to install with our How-To videos.

Things to consider

Smaller windows vs fewer windows
Easy Breeze cost depends on a variety of factors. When you call or emails us, we need to know the quantity of windows that you need and the sizes. All of our windows are priced according to the dimensions. Smaller windows are less than larger windows. However, it is sometimes more cost effective to go with fewer, larger windows than a large number of smaller windows. For example, eight 24 inch wide windows will cost a lot more than four 48 inch wide windows.

Upgrading your view
BetterVue Screens are offered as an upgrade and will typically cost between $200-$400 depending on the size and quantity of your windows, but you will certainly love the clear view of your backyard if you go with this option.

We are always happy to discuss different design ideas and options with you to help you create a room that is beautiful and within your budget! Give us a call at 855-888-6822 or email us at