You will be measuring for what is referred to as the rough opening or Day Light Opening. This is the measurement between the inner sides of two posts. Keep in mind that when you are measuring for Easy Screen windows, you want to measure for the finished size of your posts. If you intend to wrap or trim a post, you will need to consider the alternation in your measurements because it will change the size of your opening.


IMPORTANT: Be sure to record all measurements in inches. After you take your measurements, record the dimensions of your openings by width x height.



To prepare for measuring for Easy Screen Windows, you will need to measure the openings where you would like to place your new polyvinyl windows. You will need to measure each opening in six places (3 widths and 3 heights). Why 3 measurements? – As you will see when measuring for Easy Screen windows, not every opening is completely square. You will need to measure in six places to determine the smallest width and height measurement of each opening. Our company will use the smallest measurements to customize your new window units.

  1. Measure the width between the frame posts you will install the windows on. The posts could be wood studs, aluminum posts or other existing vertical posts. They are what go from the floor to the ceiling and hold up the roof. Take three measurements. Make sure your measuring tape is level. You will take a measurement near the top, the bottom and in the middle of your opening. Record your smallest width measurement on your DIY Easy Breeze Quote Form.
  2. Measure the height between the lowest point you will screw the bottom of a window unit to and the top framing member. Again, take three measurements, one near each end and one in the middle. Record your smallest height measurement on your Quote Form.

Easy Screen windows are constructed to have a very tight fit. Only, a 1/8” will be deducted from the width and height measurements provided. These units are designed so you need no interior trimming between the framing and the unit. Normally a thin bead of caulking is all that is needed. Note, you can trim out with quarter round or other trim to match your style. In any case, center the unit evenly in the opening.



When measuring for Easy Screen rooms, it is helpful to start at one end and work your way around the room, numbering each opening in sequence. We can even label each DIY Easy Breeze window to match your numbering. This will avoid some confusion at installation time, especially when some openings can be so similar in sizes.

NOTE: Once orders are put into production, they can not be changed or cancelled.  So remember “measure twice, and you will only have to order once!”