Are Easy Screen windows made of glass or plastic?

Eze-Breeze-VinylEasy Screen windows are made with aluminum frames and a 10-mil polyvinyl (not a glass, plastic, acrylic, or latex). Many homeowners have used plastic sheeting or plexiglass panels to close off  their screened in porches in bad weather. In colder climates they call this “Winterizing” their porch. This is very time consuming and has to be done every year, sometimes several times a year. With the polyvinyl windows, installation is a one-time easy process. The vinyl windows can be made clear or with a tint, just like glass and will have a “glass look.” But they are much less expensive than glass and won’t shatter like glass. The Eze Screen vinyl windows are very durable and weather resistant, a much better choice than plastic windows or plexiglass.

What is the difference between a Vertical Four Track Window and a Horizontal Sliding Window?
Our Vertical Four Track windows slide up and down and have four panes. These panes will slide and interlock one on top of the other so that all four panes can be lowered or raised to the same location. This will provide 75 percent ventilation.

Our Horizontal Sliders will slide left to right. There are usually two panes that can be slid to one side or the other. This will provide 50% ventilation. Horizontal Sliders can be made wider and are a good choice for spaces over 54 inches wide.

Who manufactures Easy Screen Windows?

Easy Screen windows are manufactured by Styleline, a company who designs and builds many different types of windows and doors. Styleline is continually striving to add quality, low maintenance products to enhance the beauty of homes and businesses. Styleline has been in business for over 50 years.

What is the difference between Easy Screen windows by Styleline and PGT Eze Breeze Windows?

Easy Screen windows are very similar to the Eze Breeze Windows by PGT. They are both made with a tough 10 mil polyvinyl material set in heavy duty aluminum frames. Both companies offer vertical four track windows and horizontal sliders. PGT is the original manufacturer of the vinyl vertical four track window. Styleline is a very reputable window and door manufacturer that built upon the Eze Breeze idea. One of the key differences is that Easy Screen windows by Styleline have vents that are spring loaded. All of the vents are the same size so you don’t have to worry about which vent goes in each track. PGT Eze Breeze Windows are tilt in windows which are taken out with plastic tabs. All of the vents are different sizes so if they are taken out (for cleaning or storing) you have to be careful which vent goes in each track. Styleline Easy Screen windows also have 10 + frame color options.

What are the frame color choices? Do different frame colors cost more?

Our windows and doors can be made with white, beige, pebbled khaki, or bronze (a darker brown) frames.  There is no extra cost for Easy Screen windows to be made with different color frames. To see frame colors, please click here.

What are the tint color choices? Does it cost extra to have a tint in my  vinyl?
Easy Screen windows can be made clear, with a smoke gray tint, with a dark gray tint, and with a bronze tint. DIY Easy Breeze does not charge to tint your vinyl windows. To view the Easy Breeze tint choices, click here.

Are screens included with Easy Screen Windows? Are all screens the same?
Standard 18/14 charcoal mesh screens are included in our Easy Breeze window quotes. We also offer BetterVue Screens, which provide a more superior view than the standard screen. These screens are available at an additional cost that will depend on your window size and quantity.

Can my windows be made without screens?
Yes. Your Easy Screen windows can be made without screens. Simply let us know that screens are not needed and we will factor that into your quote.

My porch is on the 2nd story – can I still install Easy Breeze Windows?
Yes you can. We offer inside mount windows at no additional cost. This will make your DIY project much easier to complete when your porch is not ground level.

Can I have a fixed panel made – such as a transom window above a door?
Yes. We can make fixed Easy Screen panels at any size. These windows are non-operable and do not include screens. Many homeowners use Easy Screen fixed panels above their doors or on very narrow spaces.

Do Easy Breeze windows come in standard sizes?
All of our Easy Screen windows are custom sized to the homeowners needs.

What are the maximum and minimum sizes available for Easy Screen windows?
Easy Screen Vertical Four Track windows can be made from 12” to 54” inches wide and from 24” to 113” inches tall.  Horizontal Sliders can be made from 24” to 96” wide and from 24” to 96″ inches tall.

How do you determine pricing on Easy Breeze windows?
We quote everyone on an individual basis. Your price is based on the size of your Easy Screen windows and the quantity you order. Other factors include whether or not you want us to provide you with an Easy Screen Cabana door or additional fixed panels. Certain options add more money like BetterVue Screens and extra spreader bars. We are always happy to provide “ball park” figures for you but cannot give you an accurate quote until you actually have your window measurements ready.

What is the cost of shipping?
We charge a flat rate of $200 no matter how many Easy Screen panels you order. This rate is good throughout anywhere in the continental United States. When we give you a quote we always include the shipping costs. The price we quote you is usually your “out the door” price.

Can my windows be shipped to Canada?
Unfortunately we do not currently ship to Canada. We can ship to the border or a parcel service and you can pick up your windows there. We’ve had many Canadian customers opt to do that.

After I place my order, how long will it take to get my Easy Screen Windows?
Easy Screen windows are custom manufactured and shipped within 3 weeks of your order.  They are direct shipped from the Styleline factory to your home or place of business. This is done by a freight company who will call you to schedule delivery. DIY Easy Breeze will keep you updated throughout the process with your shipping date and your tracking number as soon as it becomes available.

Does DIY Easy Breeze also sell ceilings or covers?
We do not. However, we do work with Pure Light Patio Covers, a company that is a distributor for a unique line patio covers that diffuses sunlight to give you the perfect amount of sunlight and shade. You can visit their website here.

Does DIY Easy Breeze work with contractors?
Yes we do. Please contact DIY Easy Breeze for more information.

How do I get a quote for my windows?
Visit our Request A Quote page or call us today at  855-888-6822!