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HurricaneA common question we get during the summer and fall months from customers is what should they do with their Easy Breeze windows when preparing for a hurricane. Here’s a simple rule we like to use when it comes to hurricane preparation:

The Rule of Thumb for Hurricanes

If winds are under 65 mph, then your windows will be fine. If winds are over 65 mph, it’s best to take your window panels down.

Easy Breeze 10-mil polyvinyl windows are very durable, but it is always better to play it safe during bad weather. If you are concerned about your windows getting damaged during a storm, even if winds are predicted to stay under 65 mph, go ahead and take down your windows anyway.

How to Remove your Easy Breeze Windows

Removing your window panels is a similar process to unhooking your panels for cleaning. The only difference is that instead of keeping the bottom of the panel in the frame tracks while cleaning, you will remove the panel completely.

Removing your Vertical Four-Track Panels

1. From inside your sunroom, start with the innermost panel (bottom).
2. Raise the bottom panel approximately 1”.
3. Release the thumb latches and tilt the panel in.
4. Lift one side of the panel to remove the pin at bottom of panel from the track.
5. Carefully remove panel, mark the panel number, and set aside. Repeat for remaining panels.
6. To replace, reverse procedure.

Removing your Horizontal Sliders Panels

1. From inside your sunroom, flip up the lock lever.
2. Grasp the side frame edges of the innermost panel.
3. Raise the panel to lift it further into the top track.
4. Tilt bottom of frame out and downward to remove frame completely from track. Repeat for remaining panels.
5. To replace, reverse procedure.

If you would like more information on how to care for your Easy Breeze windows, give us a call at 855-888-6822 or email us at diyEasybreeze@gmail.com.