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Easy Breeze is a three-season polyvinyl window system that has been steadily gaining popularity across the country. It offers an alternative option for homeowners who want a sunroom but still want to enjoy the outdoor breeze that comes from screened or open-air porches.

The Glass Alternative
The window system is made with a 10-mil polyvinyl that is as transparent as glass, but not nearly as heavy, expensive or susceptible to cracking and breaking. If accidentally pushed or distorted, the tough 10-mil vinyl will return to its original shape within minutes. It’s a product with a memory!

With a variety of options, Easy Breeze windows are custom made to fit any space or new construction. They can be installed from the interior or exterior, on wood or metal framing. At about a third of the cost of glass windows, they make a great alternative to homeowners on a budget.

Built For Comfort
Many homeowners don’t realize how dirty open patio and porches get with open exposure to the outdoor environment. The tough 10-mil vinyl windows will keep the wind, rain, dust, pollen, and bugs out. There’s no more need for frequent roach killer spraying when the bugs can’t get in!

An Easy Breeze three-season room provides the best of a sunroom and a screened-in porch in one great product. When the weather is nice, you can easily open your Easy Breeze windows and feel the breeze – with 75% ventilation options and the protection of screens. When a storm rolls in, simply shut your windows and your three-season room will be protected. Because Easy Breeze panels are weather resistant, your sunroom will also hold up to extreme heat or bitter cold.

The 3-Season Vs. The 4-Season Sunroom
When considering time and effort, homeowners often struggle with the decision of whether to construct a four-season sunroom, a three-season room, or a screened-in porch. For the person that wants to “do it yourself,” a four-season room can be quite a challenge. The windows, roof, and walls have to be insulated and you need to know how to install some mechanism for heating and cooling. You also have to be aware of electrical outlets and coding restrictions. A three season Easy Breeze sunroom is the easier option when it comes planning and construction time. The Easy Breeze system arrives at your doorstep with the window panels in their frame ready to be installed in between your current porch posts.

Easy Breeze windows can withstand temperatures under -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though the product is promoted as a three-season system, customers have raved about how comfortable they have been able to remain in their sunrooms during freezing winters with the use of heaters they installed themselves. So it is still possible to enjoy four-season comfort in an Easy Breeze sunroom at a more affordable price!

Contact us today at 855-888-6822 for your free quote and begin counting down the days until your outdoor room gets converted into your favorite space in your home. Easy Breeze window system truly provides the best combination of the outdoors and indoors.